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Compared to any io games, Diep.io is the best game and there is no doubt about it. Why? Because it gives you a lot of different branches of tanks and you can choose freely, develop the tank capabilities with some special skills.

But, when there are a lot of people or players logging in the same server, there might be some lag issues or the percentage of diep.io lag increases. So just give you a better game experience, here are a few tips to decrease the lag problem in the game—

  • Sometimes diep.io server lag issues occur due to antivirus software problems. So when you are playing Diep.io you need to disable the antivirus and other scanner software, if there is any as they uses your CPU excessively.
  • You should use Google Chrome for the highest performance and minimizing diep.io lag. Utilize incognito window to increase performance compared to normal Google Chrome window. (CTRL + SHIFT + N)
  • Always open the windows task manager when you are opening a new incognito window and set the priority level high after right clicking. What will happen then? The CPU usage will give weight to chrome and it won’t give much weight to other processor.
  • Clear the browsing history from your browser. How to clear your history?  Open your browser – Go to settings – Clear Cache – Clear History -Restart Browser. This will delete all the data and history coming from the websites you have visited.

These are a few tips to solve Diep.io mods server lag issues. When you use these tips, these will help you to play the game without any troubles or lag.

The most important feature is your computer and network quality rather than other reasons. Some players lose their point because of lag problem. When you are trying those, the satisfaction of game will increase.